Come Decorate and Fly Kites at the BA Event Park with Us!!!

Ready? Set? Fly!  This is a family friendly event where there is something for everyone!  We will be providing free kites to decorate with roses or whatever you would like.  The Tulsa Wind Riders Kite Club will provide a candy drop & kite fighting demonstrations.  Kite Artists and enthusiasts come from surrounding states to fly their big, bigger, & biggest kites.  There is a huge Historical Kite Exhibit, one of the largest in the southwest.  They have kites from the early 1900s, amazing kites used in WWII, and beautiful kites from Japan and China just to name a few.   You can bring a picnic lunch or enjoy yummy food & snacks from our food trucks.  For more information visit Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful’s Facebook Page here.

Red Rose Kite
Girl with Hat and Smile
Blue Rose Kite