About Us

Whether you’re new to Broken Arrow or a longtime resident or business, it’s easy to see that we take great pride to keep our city clean, safe and beautiful.

Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community through year-round programs and activities that inspire and educate the young and old alike. We encourage those who call Broken Arrow home to join our efforts by participating, volunteering,and demonstrating their commitment to keep us a top destination city.

Our City’s Colorful (and Fragrant) History in Brief

Once proclaimed The City of Roses and Sparkling Spring Water, Broken Arrow is magnificently appointed with numerous residential, business and public rose gardens. We are now known as “The City Where Roses Bloom.” Every year, as May slips into June through October, the delicate scent of rose perfume the air and delight the eye with impossible shades of color.

In the early years of our community, The Broken Arrow Ledger-Democrat in 1922 noted, “Perhaps no other town of its size in America can boast of as many rose gardens as Broken Arrow. Almost every home whether it be humble or aristocratic has its own rose garden.” Main Street hosted a Rose Grocery and Rose Café. An annual Rose Carnival featured a short but proud parade of a float, a rose queen, and rose princesses culminating with its own rose show, which is believed to be the first rose show in the state of Oklahoma.

Since then, Brokens Arrow’s “City of Roses” history has continued to evolve and expand in ways those who preceded us could never have imagined.

Our City Today and Tomorrow

Broken Arrow continues to populate our community with commemorations of our rich rose heritage—and the legacy we work to ensure.

Our city’s Rose District, located in Broken Arrow’s historic downtown, is a bustling hive of shopping, dining, live music, unique taverns and popular entertainment venues.

Our Broken Arrow Rose Days held every Spring begins with a Plant a Rose Week that encourages our residents and businesses to plant rosebushes. Our Rose Festival is a two-day event over a weekend that includes a Saturday Fun Rose Show, rose art exhibits, children’s activities, professional rose gardeners, live music, food trucks, theatre dancers, artist booths, and a Sunday “Rose Kites Over Broken Arrow.”

Now, Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful is working to construct the pinnacle gathering place for everyone to enjoy. Our proposed Broken Arrow Rose Garden will span 6.5 acres that complete our famous Rose District. Designed for a panorama of roses, walking and biking trails, soothing water features, and a glass-enclosed event building, The Broken Arrow Rose Garden will forward our quest for smart economic development that not only beautifies our community but offers an extraordinary centerpiece for every business and individual.

Learn more about The Broken Arrow Rose Garden by downloading our brochure.

We invite and encourage you to vote YES on the bond issue Tuesday, August 28, 2018, to make The Broken Arrow Rose Garden a reality that will be cherished for decades to come.

Meet Our Family

The members of Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful are strong civic and business leaders devoted to preserving our city’s colorful (and fragrant) history while helping shape our economic and quality-of- life future. Our mission, quite simply, is to keep Broken Arrow clean, safe and beautiful through projects and initiatives that spur economic development and drive our purpose forward.

2022 Board Members

Chairman: Sharon Atcheson

Vice Chairman: Dale deReign

Secretary:  Gary Percefull

Treasurer:  Cortney Scott

Adopt-a-Mile:  Dale deReign

 Action Center: Peggy Glenn, Julia Rogers

 Rose Committee/Rose Festival: Beverly Forester & Cortney Scott

 Pollinator/Monarch Gardens: Julia Rogers, Phil Hink, Beverly Forester

 Trash Bash:  Gary Percefull, Mandy Cole, Galea Albano

 Central Park Garden: Sharon Atcheson

Social Media: Galea Albano

We want to hear from you! Interested in volunteering? Want to spearhead one of our year-round programs in your neighborhood? Contact Us with any questions about Broken Arrow Beautiful, and our programs and initiatives.

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