Here’s How You Can Help Us Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful


Get Involved

Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful (KBAB) offers numerous programs, initiatives and committees that drive our mission to keep our city clean, safe and beautiful.

No matter where your talents, skills or determination lie, KBAB encourages all residents and businesses—men, women and children of all ages—to join our efforts to keep Broken Arrow a top destination city. Learn more about our programs below, then Contact Us to sign up, volunteer and get involved.

Adopt A Corner

Nuisance signs can become an eyesore when not collected after an event, so KBAB offers an Adopt-A- Corner program to keep our city free of unsightly signs. In cooperation with the City of Broken Arrow, we train volunteers how to safely collect and dispose of area nuisance signs from arterial road rights-of-way and report the results to our program chair. Since its inception, our Adopt-A- Corner program has removed thousands of signs per year that would otherwise blemish our scenic community.

If you have questions concerning sign ordinances please visit >Goverment>Codes & Ordinances>Municipal Code Website>Appendix A-Zoning Ordinances> Chapter 5-Development Standard> Section 5.7;5.7.8 (Public Easement)

Also to report sign issues please go to Action Center- Report a Concern. 

Adopt A Mile

KBAB’s Adopt-A- Mile program is specifically for businesses and civic organizations that agree to “adopt” a mile-long road section and keep it free from trash and litter. Participants are required to walk the mile, pick up and bag litter throughout the year. This same requirement applies to parks and trails. Adopters agree to purchase two signs (a one-time $50 fee; free for nonprofits), which are then installed by the city to mark the beginning and end of the adopter’s mile. Parks require only one sign (a one-time $25 fee). No signs are placed along trail sections.

KBAB coordinates all activities and adopter records with the city’s designated contact and communicates cleanup efforts with the adopters. 

                                            UNADOPTED MILES / TRAILS / PARKS

Aspen(145th) between Tucson (121st & 131st) 

County Line(193rd) between Omaha(51st) & Albany (61st)

County Line(193rd0 between Kenosha (71st) & Houston (81st)

County Line (193rd) between Houston (81st) & Washington (91st)

County Line (193rd) between Washington (91st) & New Orleans (101st)

Dearborn(41st) between 209st & Evans Rd. (225th)

Elm Pl (161st) between Albany (61st) & Kenosha (71st)

Elm Pl. (161st) between Florence (111th) & Tucson (121st)

Florence (111th) between Aspen (145th) & Elm Pl. (161st)

Florence (111th) between Elm Pl. (161st) & Lynn Lane (9th St.)

Florence (111th) between Olive (129th) & Aspen (145th)

Houston (81st) between Lynn Kane (9th St.) & County Line (193rd)

Jasper (131st) between Aspen (145th) & Elm Pl. (161st)

Jasper (131st) between Olive (129th) & Aspen (145th)

Kenosha (71st) between County Line (193rd) & 209th St)

Kenosha (71st) between Evans Rd(225th) & Oneta Rd.

Kenosha (71st) between Midway & Oak Grove

Loins Park (1948 S Loins Ave

Lynn Lane (9th St) between Albany (61st) & Kenosha (71st)

Lynn Lane (9th) between Florence (111st) & New Orleans (101st)

Lynn Lane (9th St) between Omaha (51st) & Albany (61st)

Lynn lane (9th St) between Tucson (121st) & Florence (111st)

Oak Creek Park (2725 E. Louisville

Olive (129th) between Albany (61st) & Kenosha (71st)

Olive (129th) between Houston (81st) & Washington (91st)-Cleaned April 21(Trash Bash)

Olive (129th) between New Orleans (101st) & Florence (111th)

Omaha (51st) between 209th & Evans Rd, (225th)

Omaha (51st) between County Line (193rd) & 209th

Omaha (51st) between Aspen (145th) & Elm Pl. (161st)

Rockwood East Park (901 W. Queen St.)

Washington (91st) between Elm Pl. (161st) & Lynn Lane (9th St.)

Washington (91st) between Garnett & Olive

Washington (91st) between Lynn Lane (9th St.) & County Line (193rd)

For more information or to sign-up to adopt a mile, trail or park please contact Shane Hickey @ or call 918-520-7455,

Neighborhood Beautification

This program recognizes neighborhood associations that meet the litter, appearance and beautification guidelines established by Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful. KBAB uses an on-site survey and photos to determine qualification. We also provide a sign for the neighborhood entrance that designates it as a participant of our Neighborhood Beautification program. Annual recertification is required.

Trash Bash

KBAB’s Trash Bash is an annual program held every Spring. For 2018, we’ve earmarked Saturday, April 21, from 9 a.m. to noon, when volunteers will collect litter from Broken Arrow’s arterial road rights-of- way, parks and trails. Those participating will meet at the Broken Arrow Central Park on Main Street, gather their safety vests, trash bags and gloves, then head out for a few hours of cleanup. KBAB volunteers assign designated cleanup areas, provide welcome drinks, and record the results. Students are given 3 community credits for their efforts. In cooperation with the city, we enlist volunteers to promote this event among civic groups and organizations throughout the community.

Broken Arrow Helping Hands

Know someone who could use a helping hand to maintain their yard or property? KBAB’s BA Helping Hands program works in partnership with the City of Broken Arrow and local businesses, churches, nonprofits, and individuals to provide volunteer assistance to citizens who, due to circumstances beyond their control, cannot accomplish basic property maintenance.

You can help start the process of helping others by go to the city’s Action Center (Report a Concern). Once your concern is filed the city will contact the individual(s) to investigate and acess the the need.

Beauty Patrol

KBAB’s Beauty Patrol is an easy, mobile-friendly way for volunteers to report tall grass, potholes, broken street lights, cracked sidewalks, unsightly graffiti, piles of debris, fences in disrepair, and any construction issues. Please download the Action Center-Broken Arrow app on your mobile device, take a photo, describe the location, and hit SEND.

Rose Committee

Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful’s Rose Committee is composed of fun, positive people who are passionate about Broken Arrow, our history and roses. Our mission is to develop and promote projects and events that preserve our rose history and continue to improve the city’s quality of life. Since 2011, our Bring Back the Roses Project has worked to return Broken Arrow to its beautiful history as The City of Roses and Sparkling Spring Water.

Over the years we’ve made extraordinary strides to achieve this restoration, including planting rose gardens, partnering with garden groups and master gardeners to hold rose care classes, creating the annual Rose Festival, changing our new city tagline to The City Where Roses Bloom, and launching the idea of The Broken Arrow Rose Garden—a city bond issue to be voted upon Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

The Rose Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., at the Broken Arrow Library located at 300 W. Broadway Ave.

For more information about the Rose Committee, please contact Beverly Forester at