First Baptist Church of BA Sponsors Rose Festival Again!

A special shout out to First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow for sponsoring The Rose Festival for the 2nd year in a row.  Thank you for taking the time and energy to invest in our vision and our event; your sponsorship is integral to our ability to provide the community with the future Broken Arrow Rose Garden.  It is an honor to partner with you to promote a sustainable environment and return to Broken Arrow’s history as “The City of Roses.”

Check out their ministry by visiting  They are followers of Jesus Christ first and foremost.  This fact is easily seen through their commitment to serving the community.  They will be leading the Kid Zone Kite Tent on Friday, September 30th, and Saturday, October 1st at the Rose Festival.  Thank you, First Baptist Church, for being a Bronze Sponsor and serving the community again this year in our Kids’ Zone.  Your continued contribution to the Rose Festival is greatly appreciated and we can’t wait to see those amazing kites!!