Dreary Days and Lovely Roses




Yes, the dreary days of winter are here.  Time to dream of springtime and roses!  Imagine beautiful roses that greet you with their lovely blossoms and aroma.  During the pandemic, I found such joy and peace as I visited my roses.  Their beauty and fragrance can just sweep over you!  Picture your very own bouquet!

Roses, Too much work??

Let us tell you about easy-care roses. Just like the name implies, they are minimal care with maximum beauty.
The Rose Committee would like to help you, especially the beginner rose grower, find your way to a lovely rose right there in your own yard.  In future blogs, we’ll share different varieties of roses to help you chose the right rose for you. Then we’ll lead you through proper planting and care of your roses.  Picture:  Belinda’s Dream, an Earth Kind Shrub


Things to do

On our next sunny day, look for a spot in your yard or patio that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight, in a place easy to water with your garden hose or watering can.

Think about how you feel about our environment. 

Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful is all about sustainability and protecting our pollinators and butterflies from insecticides. We’ll give you information so you can decide to spray or not to spray.


Think about our Broken Arrow history.

100 years ago, when we first became The City of Roses, the local paper reported that “almost every home, humble or aristocratic” had a rose garden.  Let’s embrace that history!  Plant a Rose!


Start Dreaming… Spring is coming!

Next Rose Blog: Choosing Your Rose

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