Check Out the Largest Kite Exhibit in the Southwest!!!

The fun isn’t over yet!  There is still another day of the Rose Festival left for you to enjoy.  Come join us at Rose Kites Over Broken Arrow today!  Pick up and decorate your free kite and fly them high in the sky with us!

You have to check out the Historic Kite Exhibit this year.

On display:

A Kite from the Indonesian Islands, perhaps what the “First kites” may have looked like?

Replicas of kites dating back as early as 1897 & 1898 were used for weather research, man lifting, and antenna lifting.   Many Kites from the early 1900s were made for Advertising, KAP “Kite Arial Photography” and toys.  Historic Kite Enthusiast will be on hand to answer questions and give insight into the History of Kites and their role in research and science, of weather and flight.  WWII Kites were used for Gunnery training and ‘Rescue” by the Military.

Videos and historic kite books and resources will be on hand.

This is perhaps the largest Exhibition of Historic kites in the Southwest.


Oct 2, 2022 (10 am-4pm)

“Rose Kites Over Broken Arrow”

BA Event Park, 21101 E. 101st Street

Broken Arrow, OK


For more information contact:

 Catherine Gabrel

Kites In the Sky


WWII Target Kite
WWII Target Kite
WWII Target Kite
Woven Leaf Kite from Indonesia
Woven Leaf Kite from Sulawest Indonesia