Things to Do in April

You should be completing your pruning and removing your winter protection if you have not yet done so.  Watch the weather forecasts.  Remember that your grafted roses will be more susceptible to freezing than your miniatures and own-root roses.  You will need to watch your new basils and protect them from the wind or stake them up to prevent them breaking off.

• You should have put down your initial feeding of the roses.  Keep in mind that your roses may not be able to use the feed if the pH of your soil is too high or too low.  A pH of 6.0 – 6.5 is ideal for roses.  Your soil pH can be tested with a simple tester you insert into the ground.
• You need to start your spraying program to prevent blackspot and powdery mildew.  There are a variety of sprays available and you do not have to use highly toxic chemicals.  If you have Earthkind® roses or disease resistant roses you should give them a chance to perform as they were advertised and skip the spraying.

• Watch the moisture levels in your soil.  Some areas had a good rain but we are having lots of wind which can dry the soil out.  It your soil is drying out pretty quickly you may need to add more mulch.

• Remember to water before fertilizing and after fertilizing.  Newly planted bushes should not be fertilized until after they have bloomed.

• Pick up a show schedule at the April meeting and start planning your entries for the May show

Remember the Tulsa Rose Society exists as an educational program for you and the community.  Any time you have a question or problem relating to the care and growing of your roses feel free to contact one of the consulting Rosarians listed above or in your member directory.  You can also find many resources online or in a number of good books on rose growing and care.