Courtesy of the Tulsa Rose Society, Editor Judy Carter

  • Continue your spraying until we have a hard freeze that kills the foliage. The cool nights and warm days can be ideal for blackspot and mildew. Insects are going be become more inactive but continue to watch for damage and treat as needed.
  • Clean up your rose beds. Remove dead leaves and petals and cut foliage that might harbor disease or in-
    sect eggs over the winter.
  • Allow your roses to develop rose hips so they will be encouraged to go dormant. Secure longer canes that be blown in the wind so they will remain stable and not loosen the roots of the bush.
  • Before applying winter protection you may want to add some super phosphate and/or some gypsum to each bush. The super phosphate will penetrate into the root zone over the winter and give the bush a boost to re-start in the spring. Gypsum will help leach out any undesirable salts and help loosen the soil if needed.
  • Check the name tags to see that they are legible and correct and will stay in place during the winter. A map of your rose garden is a good backup for lost or damaged tags.
  • Remove any unwanted roses and work up the bed for preparation of spring planting.
  • Apply your winter protection following the second hard freeze. Build a collar about 10 inches tall and place around the bush and fill with leaves, sawdust, pine needles, compost, fine mulch, grass clippings or soil.
  • Prepare your new beds and order your roses early to insure you will get your choice.
  • Clean, sharpen and lubricate your tools. Protect chemicals from freezing temperatures. Flush out your sprayers and make sure no moisture remains in any of the valves or places where it could freeze and damage the sprayer. Remove batteries, charge and store in a safe, dry location where they will not freeze.
  • Renew your membership in the Tulsa Rose Society, American Rose Society and other organizations that help educate you and the community in the care of roses. Volunteer for an office or committee to help the organization help others as they have helped you.