Featured Rose:  Tropicana

This beautiful rose was submitted by Pam Trindle, one of two winners in our Virtual Rose Show.  This was an amazing   on-line event, celebrating Broken Arrow’s passion for roses.  Tropicana is a lovely Hybrid Tea rose with a wonderful fruity  fragrance and large 5 inch blossoms.  

What to do in October

 Water – The above normal temperatures are drying out the soil so water is needed.  Not much is promised by the weatherman.

  • Spraying – (If you spray) Continue your spraying for blackspot.  You do not want your plant to lose its leaves yet.  The leaves are important for the plant to maintain its health.  Spray for insects as needed.
  • Feeding – should be discontinued for the season.  We do not want to encourage new growth as we approach the first freeze.
  • Mulch – we need to be accumulating mulch to use for winter protection.  At this time we should check to see that we have a good coverage over the beds but have enough to cover the bud unions and even more as we approach the first freeze.
  • Deadheading should be discontinued.  Allow the roses to develop hips and feel that they have achieved their mission to reproduce so they will be ready to go dormant during the cold weather.
  • Spot check the pH in your beds.  If you are running a little low (below 6.0) spread a little limestone to your beds.  If your pH is above 7.0 you may want to spread a little sulfur in your beds.  You should pull back your mulch and spread a small amount over the surface of the soil, water and replace the mulch.  It is a very slow process to effect the pH level so it is better to start it this fall.
  • Pruning – should be discontinued where it promotes new growth.  If you need to remove dead or damaged canes, you should do that.  If your canes are so long they wind will catch them and cause damage you will want to either tie them to something or cut them back some.
  • Shovel pruning – This is the time to evaluate your roses.  Did they bloom to your satisfaction?  Are you constantly fighting black spot and problems with the rose?  If it is not giving you satisfaction maybe it is time to remove it and plan on a replacement.  Are your roses too crowded?  Did they get larger than you had planned on and are you happy with the rose?  After they go dormant you can move your rose to solve space problems or other location problems.
  • New Roses – it is time to order the roses you want delivered in the spring.   Call or email them for a catalog if you cannot find enough information online.  Some distributors give discounts to ARS members. If you are not a member, it is not too late to join.

Submitted by Judith Carter, Tulsa Rose Society