Cool weather is here!  Time to gather your family, group or co-workers, choose a mile and clean up liter in Broken Arrow.  Your Adopt-A-Mile sign shows everyone that you care about our city!



 Star Civitans Sharon Conley, Ed Carlton, Dale and Linda deReign, Ann Livingston and Sharon Atcheson (who took the picture) working at their mile on Elm between 101 & 111th.  Adopt-A-Mile requires a clean up twice a year.  All the equipment is furnished by the City of Broken Arrow:  vests, gloves, trash bags and pick up tools.  

In July, 101 degree heat, Ben Woodson, Boy Scout Troop 995, chose a quarter mile on both sides of 193rd south of 51st Street and the fireworks area on the NW corner of 51st.  Ben is a hard worker who likes a challenge.   The area appeared to be long neglected with dumped garbage, high grass and a steep incline.  He collected 7 full garbage bags!  Way to go Ben!

 To choose your mile contact:

Shane Hickey or Dale D’Reign