Water is still the most important need for your garden. All shrubs and plantings are in need of water. We have just finished a dry fall and the forecast does not look any different for the next month. We are having some days in the upper 50s when it is not too cold to drag the hose around and give everything a good soaking. Be sure to disconnect the hose when you finish watering so the hydrant will not freeze when we return to freezing temperatures.

Watch for wind damaged canes. We have had some pretty high winds which can make the roses twist and shout. If the canes are over 4 feet tall you can trim them down to about that height. If the rose is located where it receives a lot of wind you should stake the bush to stakes or a secure fence. You should remove broken and damaged canes. Take time to walk through your garden and check all of your plantings for possible problems.

Build up your mulch if it has composted, spread out or otherwise not doing the job it was intended to. It will help hold in the moisture so you may not have to water as often.

Plan and make changes for your garden. Do you need to expand or alter your watering system? Are there areas of standing water? Do you need to move or remove some roses to improve air flow and appearance of your garden? Do you want to introduce companion plants? Plan now for their location and order plants that may not be commonly available.