KBAB received this letter –


My name is Jackson Mears. I am in Mrs. Mulcahy’s 4th grade class at Country Lane Intermediate in Broken Arrow. Our class project is called GENIUS HOUR. This was our “Passion Service Project.”

Our assignment was to think of ways to help that we feel most passionate about. One of the suggestions for the assignment was to volunteer. So, whenever we would drive places, I would notice all the trash along the roads. She said it would be a good idea if someone would just pick it up. So we decided that we could find a place to volunteer to pick up trash for my assignment.

My mom looked online and found KBAB (Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful.) They gave us trash bags and cool safety vests to wear. They were very happy that we wanted to volunteer!

We thought a really good place was the back road beside by Planet Fitness & Taco Bueno. My mom thought it would be a safe place to work. We spent about 2 hours picking up all kinds of trash. It was really gross! I was so glad we wore gloves! After we got done, it was good to see how clean it looked!

It was really dirty work but fun too. People honked at us when they drove by. Maybe people would think about not throwing trash out their windows. It felt really good to do something nice for our city. We are hoping to do this again sometime!


Jackson Mears – age 10
Marilyn Mears – Mom