It is Your Turn to be a Part of Broken Arrow History!

In 2014, we held the first Rose Festival to bring back the roses to Broken Arrow.  Recently, Bev Forester found a flyer from the Second Annual Rose Carnival at the Broken Arrow Museum.  When she looked at the date, she realized that we held the first Rose Festival almost 90 years to the day after the original Rose Carnival in May 1924.

It is your turn to be a part of our rich history, so bring your roses and enter them into the Rose Show. You can bring your neighbor’s or your friend’s roses and enter them under their names as well.  Bev said, “One of the goals of Bring Back the Roses was to bring back the celebration.”  Come out and let’s celebrate your beautiful roses this weekend!  We cannot wait to see them and you!  The big celebration kicks off Friday at 5 pm and there will be something for everyone!

2nd Annual BA Rose Show